Well, we held our annual Sea Kayak Gathering (which happens in September each year). A small and select group of people who want to join in with peer led trips (meaning that it is a cheap way to feel safe and go sea kayaking), around the Lizard area stay at Lizard Argyl Football club, have a couple of talks in the evening (thanks to Tom Thorpe from Maximum Sea Kayaking to share his experiences of ‘The Big 3’ – Lundy, Scillies and Eddystone (in certain ways) within a week!

Whilst doing this, there was much sun, fun and rock hopping to be had.  The boat, as ever, kept up with everyone else (maybe helped by the extra V in the hull), and was a joy to be in.  I can honestly say that I thought that I had the best boat for the day, as I had no hesitation in doing any of the rock hops, whilst remaining comfortable throughout.


As you can see from the video, one of the rock hops was a pour over –  and my tail hit the rock on the way over with a hefty clunk.  On other sea kayaks in the past, I would have put a hole in the boat – on this one, only a crease about 2 inches away from the tail, that a day later has disappeared, I am so happy about this self-healing that it appears to be able to do!

Until next time!

J-P Eatock