In April J-P went to Hong Kong to train up a couple of people to coasteer around the entire island of Hong Kong. He spent an intense couple of days with them preparing them for their circumnavigation. The first pic is from the training they did with J-P. The article below is edited from South China Morning Post and explains more about how and why they did it.


Paul Niel and Esther Röling emerged wet, exhausted, but elated when they arrived at Siu Sai Wan, Chai Wan on Sunday evening after a groundbreaking journey around Hong Kong Island. The couple successfully completed a round-the-island expedition in which they combined climbing, swimming and scrambling to get around the city’s coastline.
Six days prior, they set out to create Hong Kong’s first ever coastal pollution map in partnership with the city’s Open University, which provided them with a device to gather and analyse water samples as they went. The two were the first people to ever circumnavigate the entire island in this manner.

The next step is for Open University’s applied science and environmental studies team to analyse the data the two gathered through the device, and the water samples they collected. The aim is to create a snapshot of the water quality, biodiversity and coastal pollution along the city’s shore.
Niel called it “a bit too early to give an analysis” but could attest to a range of quality. The southern entrance of Aberdeen harbour, he said, was “probably the most disgusting water we’ve ever seen”, describing it as heavily polluted with “dead fish floating next to us”.