Is it safe to do Outdoor Activities during the COVID 19 pandemic?
There is always a level of risk in doing outdoor activities – that’s part of the fun! We understand that COVID 19 is another risk that we can reduce, but we cannot eliminate. The Government guidelines state that the risk of contracting the disease is less when we are outside. We have worked hard on developing new operating procedures that minimise the risk of spreading the disease. These will be constantly reviewed and updated as new research and Government recommendations are released.

How can I book an activity?
During these challenging times we are asking a few more questions to ensure that our new safety measures are understood. This is to ensure that we can manage the activities and ensure that customers and guides are well matched to the outdoor activity given the sea conditions. You can book by phone OR online.
Given the latest Government guidelines, we can take one household OR groups of a minimum of two and a maximum of 5 people. This will be reviewed as Government guidelines change.

What can I expect from an adventure during the pandemic?
You will have a great adventure in the outdoors. During these strange times, we may need to adjust the activity to reduce the need for rescues. This will be managed by the guide and they will clearly explain this before your activity starts.
We will ask you to come fully prepared for your activity with all the equipment that you need to bring, which is explained as part of the booking process. This is usually swimwear, a towel, and shoes for the water. You can choose to wear your own wetsuit if you have one (or wear shorts & t-shirts when it’s warm enough). You will also be asked to help with the cleaning of wetsuits etc after the activity to minimise the spread of the disease.

How are you reducing the risk of spreading COVID 19 during the activity?
There are many adaptations we have made to reduce the spread of COVID 19, here are the main points:
• All customers and guides will clean their hands before and after the activity with hand sanitiser.
• Equipment is rinsed in a disinfectant that kills all germs.
• Equipment is left for as long as possible before use by another group.

What if I need rescuing?
Our guides are fully trained and experienced in many rescue techniques. There will be demonstrations of self-rescue before the activity starts and guides will be close by to coach and use a towline or throw-line if necessary. It may be that a member of your household group will be asked to assist you with the guide directing you from at least 1m away.
It is very unlikely that a guide would be required to use CPR as the result of an accident – in all the years we have been running adventurous activities it has never been necessary. However, during this pandemic the guide will follow the Resus UK guidelines to give compression only CPR or instruct a member of your household to conduct CPR.

This is an outline of how we have adapted to these challenging times. If you have any further questions please contact us, give us a call 07845 204040 or email

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