Thinking about how tight the boat surfed on the standing wave, I joined Rick Cooper from British Sea Kayaks to work with Peter Bray at the first Paddlefest event in Plymouth (A very well organised event by the way).

Rick also has a pink Romany Sport in plastic that we compared it to. What I found was really interesting as you can see in the pictures.

Mine is the kayak with more rocker, and if you look carefully more V shape through the centre of the hull under the seat.  Mine also seemed deeper around the cockpit area than his.

More V in the hull will make the kayak less loose on the wave – for my version.  This will also make it track slightly better.  However more rocker means that mine may spin more across the wind, (not great), or spin better when needing to turn (great when rock hopping etc). However, my concern is the difference in shape between the 2 boats which I believe have come out of the same mould.


Rick did ask how I store it (is it on a rack where the rack itself would allow this rocker to occur, or is it kept somewhere that gets extremely hot?).  I definitely keep it on a rack that has widely spaced struts, and it is stored in outside temps with the hatch covers off.

He then suggested that it might be because I have one that is one of the first from the mould, and that his kayak with less rocker and a flatter hull is now the norm…

J-P Eatock

PS – you might be wondering if the ground was flat – yes it was flat where we put them to compare and contrast.

PPS – if not obvious, mine has the splits on it.